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Stay Moisturized

The other day I said, my life goal used to be, to be cute, now its to stay moisturized. After 35, its basically the same goal anyway. The first way to stay moisturized is to drink enough water. Everyday. Not most days, everyday (half your body weight in oz is more than you think). And eat food that grows from the earth. Even then, your hands and feet might need a little help. That is where skincare comes in.

BJWnailskincare is made from raw ingredients, scented only with essential oils and crafted with love in small batches. I use every product I make, because I started making them for myself, once I started reading ingredients. Somewhere along the way I developed an aversion to chemicals in or on my body (yeah I make an exception for my acrylics. Smh- with that being said, I have some 9-free gel nail colors coming in the mail:)). So I started concocting different oils and butters in their purest form, to create products that Im comfortable using. Its better for us, try some!

So when you get out of the shower grab your balm for hands, feet, knees, elbows and lips. Then use your body oil over the rest, head to toe. Yes, head to toe, you can use them BJWnailskincare on your face. It may seem a little scary to put so much moisture on your face. If you're already oily, your skin is overproducing oil to compensate for washing it off daily. Besides, who doesn't wanna glow? Be SURE to rub your oil in thoroughly. Massaging the oil into your skin is another important step in skincare. It ensures the oil is evenly distributed and improves the appearance of skin, when massaging is practiced regularly.

Take care of yourself. Layer your skin with protection from the elements. Restore lost moisture by ordering online or pick up in the salon. See you soon!

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